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Co-ownership Management 

The current mission of the trustee manager consists of:

- convene the annual general meeting and apply the decisions taken by the co-owners in accordance with the co-ownership regulations and the legislation;

- administer the co-ownership (administrative and accounting monitoring);

- be the representative of the syndicate of co-owners.

For this, the trustee must be competent in several areas such as:

The administrative domain:

The goal is to ensure that the regulations of each co-ownership are respected, to keep administrative documents up to date (list of co-owners, maintenance books, etc.), to prepare general meetings in conjunction with union councils, to send invitations to general meetings and minutes.

The administrative service is the permanent contact for the co-owners and the syndicate.

The accounting field:

The accounts are kept all year round.

For each co-ownership, the accounting department manages:

- a separate bank account, opened in a bank in the name of the co-ownership;

- he keeps independent accounts in compliance with the accounting decree of May 27, 2004 (see section news and regulations).

The legal field:

This service consists of:

- monitoring and recovery of litigation;

- management of any problems linked to the monitoring of insurance files;

- any "legal" situation in which a joint ownership may find itself;

Where appropriate, the trustee may avail himself of the services of competent lawyers, law firms, bailiffs or notaries for the management of more complex cases.

The technical field:

This service consists of:

- the follow-up of the work which was voted in general assembly;

- advise the co-owners on any maintenance, renovation or embellishment work planned for the preservation and enhancement of the co-ownership.

He can be assigned for calls for tenders, follow-up of the implementation of the file as well as site monitoring.

The Agence des Alpes also knows how to surround itself with professionals to ensure the daily maintenance of the buildings. She regularly ensures the safeguarding of the building and can intervene at any time in case of emergency. It also has a network of qualified companies in all areas of the building industry.

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