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Rental management

What about the rental management ? 

Leave us the rental management of your property and save time !      
 You would like to be able to enjoy your property and earn an income at the same time ? 

The agency handles the marketing of your property thanks to our website and our several partners, we welcome our tenants, take care of the following up during their stay and control the properties between each departures and arrivals. 

Don’t worry, we also take care of the technical and administrative follow up of your properties and we keep you informed all year round.

Which contracts and for whom ? 

We propose you tailor-made contracts which completely match to your expectations : Mandate contract or commercial lease.
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 How to improve your income ? 

The better a property is weel situated, but mostly well furnished and comfortable, the better it’ll be rented. In order to know the level of equipment and womfort of your property, we advise you to make it labeled in Snowflake (lien vers la page Entretien et rénovation « Maintenance and renovation »)

Be careful with your personnal occupations : School holidays weeks are better rented than weeks during low period. Avoid booking these weeks for you and your relatives if you wish to improve the number of weeks rented. 

Do not hesitate to trust our partners : our agency market the properties via several partners and tour operators. This allow our proerties to be visible online and to bring loyal clients.

A long rental management or all year round ?

You think you won’t occupy your property and don’t want to rent it for the week ?
It is completely possible to market it for long periods. 

Receive a tailor-made proposal

Rent privately ?

You are able to handle the marketing of your property but can’t be on the spot to ensure keys, checking the property, technical maintenance,…etc ?
We have several conciergerie contracts !

Depending on your expectations, we can propose you the following solutions :
- Key return (simple or administrative)
- Checking the property after the departure of your tenants
- End of stay cleaning
- Technical follow up during the stay…
- Furnishing bedding, or doing the bed upon the arrival

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